Ruling (Application for permission to appeal)

Neutral citation:

[2017] CAT 22


5 Oct 2017



Ruling of the Tribunal on the Defendant’s application (the “Application”) for permission to appeal the Tribunal’s judgment of 5 July 2017 ([2017] CAT 15) (the “Judgment”). The Tribunal held that there is no statutory right of appeal of the Judgment from the Tribunal. An order giving effect to the Judgment will be made in the High Court pursuant to Regulation 2 of the Section 16 Enterprise Act 2002 Regulations 2015. The Application will be treated as an application to the High Court under CPR 52 for permission to appeal against the subsequent order of the High Court giving effect to the Tribunal’s judgment, and the substance of the Application will be determined by the Chairman in his capacity as Judge of the High Court.

This is an unofficial summary prepared by the Registry of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.