Draft Tribunal Rules on Collective Actions


10 Mar 2014

The Tribunal has published draft procedural rules for collective proceedings and collective settlements in the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

Schedule 8 of the Consumer Rights Bill 2013-14 will, if enacted, give the Tribunal jurisdiction to hear collective proceedings and to approve collective settlements relating to infringements of competition law. Following the publication of the draft Bill, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills asked the Tribunal to develop draft procedural rules to govern collective proceedings and collective settlements. The draft rules have been developed by the Tribunal in conjunction with a  Working Party consisting of some of the members of the Tribunal's User Group together with other experts.

Notes: These draft rules on collective actions will form part of a broader review of the Tribunal's rules and will be the subject of a formal consultation by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills at a later date. Any comments should therefore be made in accordance with the response guidelines for that formal consultation when published.