Interim injunction applications: out of hours contact


If you are considering making an application for an interim injunction it is always advisable to make initial contact with the Tribunal Registry during normal working hours.  Even if the application is in a very early stage of preparation, at least the Registry can begin to prepare for its receipt. 

If however the situation is urgent and you need to alert the Tribunal outside normal working hours, please send an email to with the words “Out of Hours” in the subject field.

The email should set out:

•    brief details of the application you are proposing to make;
•    the reasons why it is urgent;
•    any other relevant background information; and
•    your contact details.

At this stage you do not necessarily need to make a detailed application but you must convey enough information to put the Tribunal “in the picture”.

The Tribunal will periodically monitor out of hours emails up to 10pm and on days when the Tribunal Registry is closed.

The timing and form of the Tribunal’s reply to an out of hours email will depend on the circumstances but generally, the Tribunal will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.  Unless the situation is extremely urgent, the Tribunal will, in its response, focus on what steps will need to be taken during the next working day.

Further information on interim injunction applications can be found in the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure and in the Guide to Proceedings.